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BIRTHDIY's First Cassette Release

APR 09, 2020

We started net-label BIRTHDIY in 2018 to continue helping diy artists spread indie lo-fi music.

VEDA's debut album "Leave It All Behind" marks the label's first ever cassette release. We decided to hand-press 50 tapes to relive the early days of starting Spirit Goth.

VEDA - Leave It All Behind    Cassette Tape    @BIRTHDIY_

Zeeland's 'Vanilla' EP Out Today on Spirit Goth

MAR 27, 2020

Two singles later & after much anticipation, we release Zeeland's dreamy lo-fi EP 'Vanilla' (SG27), available on limited edition cassette tape.

Stream Bandcamp - Instagram - Cassette

TheLazylazyme Shares Zeeland's Official MV for 'Mindset'

MAR 07, 2020

Single #2 for upcoming 'Vanilla' EP / MV shot in Netherlands.

Pre-Save Vanilla EP

Horror Themed MV for S.C.A.B.'s "Patterns"

FEB 22, 2020

S.C.A.B. presents a picnic gone wrong in their latest music video for their track “Patterns.” Shot on 16mm film in Brooklyn, NY.

Premiered by Melted Magazine

Zeeland's New Lo-Fi Dream Pop Single 'Mindset'

FEB 14, 2020

Vanilla EP (SG27) comes out March 27th!

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