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'Melodrama' by CASTLEBEAT [SG31] Album Review

OCT 16, 2020

Written by Aleah Antonio, of ALTANGELES

In 37 short minutes, Castlebeat’s Melodrama transforms what used to be speedy tempos and beach-rock riffs into a thoughtful, electronic new sound. Josh Hwang of Castlebeat is used to life’s changes and is built to adapt to them well. When he eventually got bored of his acoustic guitar and moved to the eccentric neighborhood of Bushwick from the small... Read More

Coolhand Jax 'No Dreams of Anything' [SG29] EP Review

SEP 18, 2020

Written by Saachi Gupta, of The Luna Collective

Described as a “psych-pop capsule”, Coolhand Jax's debut EP No Dreams of Anything  transcends the boundaries of his previous music as it reflects upon the neglected beauty of  freedom, fun and idleness.  

The recording project of... Read More

Shimmertraps 'LOOK!' [SG28] Album Review

JUN 19, 2020

Written by Paria, founder of Kid With a Vinyl

To call Shimmertraps a band would be an understatement. Their music, stunningly colorful, mind-numbingly textured, and blissfully unpredictable, feels more akin to a performance art piece, a full-body deep-dive into an otherworldly atmosphere. While their 2017 debut album Ozius proved their initial skill in fuzzy, introspective lo-fi with hazy, intimate vocals to match, LOOK!,  the Washington-based group’s sophomore album,... Read More

Shimmertraps Joins Spirit Goth Records

APR 25, 2020

Welcome Shimmertraps to the label!

The Washington-based dream pop band will release their upcoming full-length album in June (SG28).

Watch the MV for 'Plume' + read an interview with Pure Nowhere !

Follow Shimmertraps:

@shimmertrapsband   Facebook   Spotify   Bandcamp

Read More

BIRTHDIY's First Cassette Release

APR 09, 2020

We started net-label BIRTHDIY in 2018 to continue helping diy artists spread indie lo-fi music.

VEDA's debut album "Leave It All Behind" marks the label's first ever cassette release. We decided to hand-press 50 tapes to relive the early days of starting Spirit Goth.

VEDA - Leave It All Behind    Cassette Tape    @BIRTHDIY_

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