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Zeeland Releases Single "Show Me"

NOV 29, 2019

New Spirit Goth Artist, Zeeland

NOV 28, 2019

Our newest artist, Zeeland, a producer duo from LA / Amsterdam.

Their sophomore EP comes out in early 2020.

Pre-Save their first single "Show Me"

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S.C.A.B. Releases 2nd Single 'Patterns'

NOV 08, 2019

"Patterns" by S.C.A.B.

Music Video For 'Telephone' by CASTLEBEAT

OCT 31, 2019

Shot on super 8 film
Starring featured artist Sonia Gadhia
Directed by Emma Penrose
Premiered by Exclaim!

Retoro App Recreates the Film Camera Experience

OCT 17, 2019

Now available on the App Store is Retoro, an iPhone app that brings back the charm of film photography. Every shot counts and the user doesn't see their photos until they are printed out & delivered in the mail.

Retoro can take 9 shots per film roll. Once your roll is full, you can preview your photos on a small contact sheet and develop your film. You'll receive the printed photos in the mail, along with a code to download the digital photos to your phone.

Created in a Brooklyn apartment by Karim Naaji (Soft Pastels) & Josh Hwang (CASTLEBEAT).