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Visual Music Video for 'Show Me' by Zeeland

JAN 08, 2020

Video created by Merijn Hos & Jurrian Hos | Premiered by Born Loser
Zeeland's 'Vanilla' EP comes out in March

S.C.A.B. Releases Post-Punk Single 'Negroni Week'

JAN 03, 2020

S.C.A.B. Interview With The Family Reviews

DEC 30, 2019

S.C.A.B. talks hamsters, Tony the Tiger, & thumb wrestling (among other highly important topics) ! 

Read the Interview

The Spirit Goth Lo-fi Telephone Mic: DREAMPHONE

DEC 20, 2019

We made a telephone mic for all your lo-fi recording needs

Connection via 1/4 inch cable

100 available

Learn More

Zeeland Releases Single 'Show Me'

NOV 29, 2019

 Single #1 for the upcoming Vanilla EP.
Premiered by Honey Punch Magazine
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