Spirit Goth is a super diy artist-run label that specializes in releasing lo-fi pop music on vinyl & cassettes. Other genres that we're known for include bedroom pop, dream pop, shoegaze, post-punk, new wave, jangle pop - basically just indie rock in general.

The label was started in 2016 in a college dorm by Josh Hwang (aka CASTLEBEAT) with the very first release being Girlfight by Jaded Juice Riders, his high school lo-fi surf project. In the early days, Josh used to record cassettes by hand on an old tape deck, one cassette at a time. Since then, Spirit Goth has grown organically via word-of-mouth / the internet, and is now run by a small team including Josh and his girlfriend, Sonia Gadhia.

One of our goals as a modern-day indie label is to recreate how people view record labels in the music industry. We put our artists first and strive to work collaboratively, as partners, to help achieve their visions.

We want to be more than a label - a community that supports true indie music & diy art. We don't wish to scale up or lose touch with our initial goals. 


🌸 Join the Spirit Goth Team 🌸

We're always looking for help to continue to grow our community. Feel free to reach out to spiritgothrecords@gmail.com if you're interested in joining our team.