SG56: VULPIX - Innocent Pleasures, Repeated Measures [Album]


VULPIX is a one man dream-pop project from the Victorian Surf Coast, Australia. His debut album, titled Innocent Pleasures, Repeated Measures, is a mesmerizing lofi amalgamation of dream pop, shoegaze, and alternative rock, described as an “album of memories and sketches from dream journals from my time travelling across North America in years gone by.” As a result, there is at once a nostalgic and slightly hypnagogic quality to these twelve tracks, at once surreal and yet all-too-real, ruminative to the point of ethereal dissolution. Opener “Red Moon,” for instance, inspired by road trips across the country, focuses on the pain we take with us no matter where we try to escape; the track presents a sense of self-awareness that courses through the rest of the album.

And there is tantalizing range within IP, RM; tracks like “Lo-Life” and “Futon” showcase VULPIX’s more upbeat, almost grunge/guitar rock side that burns like fire, while tracks like “I Am Just A Shell” and “Organ Chords//Bad Dreams” express a meticulous sentimentality that glows like moonlight. There is, however, a sense of euphoria throughout the album, too, one that ultimately surpasses those feelings of self-consciousness and trades it for a feeling of endless hope.

SG56: VULPIX - Innocent Pleasures, Repeated Measures

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