SG54: High Sunn - Heavenly Petticoat [Album]

High Sunn is the solo lofi pop project of San Francisco-based artist Justin Cheromiah. His latest album Heavenly Petticoat, released this spring, is a clear continuation of his remarkably balanced dream pop and garage rock discography, described by Cheromiah overall as “a caring and devoting love soundtrack that is wrapped up in a soft fluffy release.” Calling it a soundtrack to love rather than an album is brilliantly apt, given the cinematic quality of these tracks; jangly guitar and deep, thunderous bass, like in the heartsick stunner “her wild mind,” create a stable foundation for Cheromiah’s perfectly hazy vocals, while tracks like “visual love” and opener “angelic beginnings” show a fun, upbeat side, reminiscent of a late spring and early summer’s day. There’s a grittiness here for sure, but it’s softened by a stronger, almost perfumed overlay of patience and honesty.

Ultimately, Heavenly Petticoat is a tribute to love and devotion in a world of cynicism and stoicism, and, more importantly, to those in our lives that constantly prove the former.

SG54: High Sunn - Heavenly Petticoat [Album]
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