SG36: Kekko - Dreaming Life
SG36: Kekko - Dreaming Life
Spirit Goth

SG36: Kekko - Dreaming Life

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Release Date: 06-11-2021

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Kekko is the psychedelic lovechild of cosmic duo Tim & Cherie. Vocalist Cherie spent her teenage years covering dream-pop and shoegaze classics on YouTube, garnering her a cult following. Now, Kekko marks the first time Cherie has been able to step out of her personas and truly embrace her authentic wholeness, singing from a place of warm transcendence. Tasked with the fruitful paradox of trying to express the inexpressible, Tim looks after everything else in the Kekko consciousness, exploring sonic realms with his instrumentation and composition. Deeply steeped in spirituality and Eastern philosophy, his aural offerings are an attempt to envision and encapsulate the expansiveness and magic of all realms of existence.

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