SG35: Aldous Baker - Parcades
SG35: Aldous Baker - Parcades
Spirit Goth

SG35: Aldous Baker - Parcades

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Release Date: 04-30-2021

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Aldous Baker is the solo moniker of active Shimmertraps member, producer and neighborhood synth enthusiast, Brodie Cole (26). Based out Seattle WA, Cole strives to blend the sounds of old 70’s R&B funk, the iconic 60’s wall of sound, and early 1950’s barbershop harmonies with his signature mid-fi punchy production style. After finishing the production of Shimmertraps’ 2020 debut, “LOOK!”, Cole moved from his beloved musical hometown of Bellingham to Seattle, and begun recording the debut Aldous Baker EP, containing songs and works that took place in between the tides of the 2020 pandemic, and moving to a new city.

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