SG46: atmos bloom - Flora [LP]

Manchester-based Dream Pop Duo's Debut Album 'Flora'

atmos bloom is the pop project of Manchester, UK-based artists Curtis Paterson and Tilda Gratton. The project began as a way to escape a world in lockdown, but later became something special. Working thoughtfully in the lush, delicate margin between shoegaze and dream pop, the duo take influence from 90’s icons like My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, as well as modern day indie greats such as DIIV and Beach Fossils. These influences definitely come through in their sound, but more so it is clear that Paterson and Gratton operate inside a unique space all their own, strongly and confidently anchored on Paterson’s stunning, multidimensional guitar work as well as Gratton’s soft, patient vocals.

Flora, their debut album, shows their finesse in both of these elements firsthand – Gratton’s verses relay lovesick narratives that travel between escapism and adoration, all the while beautifully accompanied by Paterson’s reverb-heavy guitar melodies, combining to tip-toe the line separating daydream and catharsis. Though the tracks on the album are connected seamlessly by a nostalgic current, it doesn’t linger within one emotion for too long; tracks like “Daisy” and “Morning Sun,” bright, warm, and hopeful, are reminiscent of carefree summer days, while the moody, cerebral “Time” expresses a far more ruminative side. Flora, when played from start to end, seems to slowly reveal each corner of the emotional subconscious - centering on darkness at times in order to make more room for the light to flood in.

SG46: atmos bloom - Flora [LP]
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