High Sunn's New Jangly Lo-Fi Album "Our Perception"

Sonia Gadhia

high sunn our perception spirit goth records

"Never have I ever spent months on a release. I've ached, cried, stressed, and felt joy writing these songs of love, real life experiences, struggles, and pure gratitude." 

- Justin Cheromiah of High Sunn


 The one-man band from the Bay Area of California, Justin Cheromiah, has been putting out his lo-fi music for years, with one of his earlier albums entitled "Wishes" released as SG3 on Spirit Goth in March of 2016. 

The latest release credits Tristin Souvannarath for drums, mixing, and mastering along with Renge for creating the album art. Described by Justin as his favorite material written to date and deeply impactful to him, "Our Perception" is a naturally flowing collection of 10 jangly dream pop songs.

The first Spirit Goth release of 2019, "Our Perception" (SG24) also kicked off the label's new Cassette Club as a "tape of the month" subscription service. High Sunn "Our Perception" is limited to 100 cassette tapes.

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