SG29: Coolhand Jax - No Dreams of Anything [EP]

Coolhand Jax

Described as a “psych-pop capsule”, Coolhand Jax's debut EP No Dreams of Anything  transcends the boundaries of his previous music as it reflects upon the neglected beauty of  freedom, fun and idleness.  

The recording project of 22-year-old Jake Weissman, Coolhand Jax only began in 2019 — but  has already carved a place for himself in the musical scene. Weissman has since moved from  Massachusetts to Los Angeles and is working on creating infectious tunes that flawlessly  encapsulate his feelings.  

“Wanna Watch You Move”, the first track off the EP is a dreamy, indie-pop tune with a vibe that  takes you back a few decades. With its shoegazey vocals and constantly increasing urgency, the  song is bold, and the perfect opening track.  

The first track is followed by “Backseat Swinging”, a relatively more upbeat tune with more  experimental electronic elements. Serving as the first single off the EP, “Backseat Swinging” has  gained great acclaim from listeners and critics alike, and can be best described as “immaculate.” The music video that accompanies the song is just as perfect, featuring Weissman driving in a car amidst the clouds, singing and playing instruments.  

“Everybody Else” is the third song off the EP and second single from Coolhand Jax. The tune,  released in late August, leans into dance-pop mixed with psychedelia. The visuals for the song  are made to capture the listener and suck them into a colorful, vintage aesthetic that seems to  represent Coolhand Jax perfectly.  

The last track off the EP, title track “No Dreams of Anything”, is comparatively sober, with a  haunting tune and almost ethereal vocals melting into electronic elements. It manages to set a  different mood, one that is perfect to close the EP.  

Coolhand Jax - No Dreams of Anything EP

In just four tracks, Coolhand Jax manages to display his artistry and talent, cementing his place in the musical world. The EP manages to capture the theme of “freedom and fun” exceptionally  well, and holds your attention until the very last moment. 

There is something for everyone in Coolhand Jax's music. It manages to evoke feelings of  nostalgia while also making you sway to its tunes at the same time. No Dreams of Anything, thus, surpasses all expectations and easily finds a place in the list of records you can't get over. 

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Written by Saachi Gupta, of The Luna Collective

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