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The lo-fi home-recording project of California-native, Josh Hwang, who is also the founder of Spirit Goth. CASTLEBEAT weaves melodic pop hooks with dreamy, melancholic sounds often leaving listeners with a sense of nostalgia. Josh started the recording project in 2015 with a demo EP, and has since matured in composition and sound while retaining his trademark lo-fi quality.

Latest Release:

SG31: CASTLEBEAT - Melodrama

This is my third CASTLEBEAT album & I wanted to experiment a little bit with different sounds and styles. The songs span from dream pop, jangle pop, rnb, lofi hip hop, synthwave, all under the lo-fi pop umbrella. Like always, the songs have been recorded at home, hope you enjoy!

- Josh






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Side Project:

Jaded Juice Riders [lo-fi surf garage rock]