SG44: COOL HEAT - Nowhere
SG44: COOL HEAT - Nowhere
SG44: COOL HEAT - Nowhere
Spirit Goth

SG44: COOL HEAT - Nowhere

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Released June 10th, 2022

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COOL HEAT's debut album 'Nowhere' contains 9 guitar-based dream pop tracks recorded / produced by Eden Sierotnik out of Chicago, IL. "Like throwing dust onto a ghostly presence to trace its shape, like the slow, patient titration of acid into base with bated breath, counting the seconds before the expanse turns opaque, COOL HEAT has an unpredictable, yet highly immaculate aura; the music seems to create everything from nothing at the flick of the wrist, achieving a remarkable sense of everywhere from nowhere." - Kid With A Vinyl

Cassette Tape [SG44-Tape]
 1st edition of 300
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