Spirit Goth Launches Cassette Club

Sonia Gadhia

We kicked off 2019 with something new - Cassette Club! A monthly cassette subscription, the service features a combination of Cassette Club exclusive presses, Spirit Goth tape releases, and occasional featured releases from other tape labels.
For $7 a month, members receive a new monthly cassette tape featuring curated indie, lo-fi, bedroom pop, and dream pop. Cassette Club will give us more opportunities to release content, while supporting artists and fellow labels. 
The club's first edition in January featured High Sunn's lo-fi, jangly dream pop album "Our Perception" (SG24), and we're now excited to announce an exclusive Cassette Club pressing for the month of February, "Rarities" by Josh Augustin of Vansire.
This collection of beats & remixes showcases some of Josh's personal work from the past couple of years; it includes some unreleased work including collaborations with rapper Chester Watson along with a Beabadoobee cover song.
The tracks will only be available for streaming via our Spirit Goth YouTube channel, and cassette tapes are limited to 75 copies, with first dibs given to Cassette Club members.
Become a member & start your Cassette Club collection! 

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